It is not unusual for babies to have curved/warped toenails.

Babies have nails which are very thin. This may cause condition such as spoon nails.

As long as the baby does not seem as though they are in pain, keeping the nails short with the right care should allow the nails to grow healthily.

However, if the nail constantly hooks onto shoes and socks, have a specialist examine them.

If the condition is caused by the thinness of the nails, there is not much to be concerned about. However, if the cause is an internal problem or contact with harmful chemicals, careful observation of the nail is required.

Either of which, it is better to have an opinion from a medical professional.


I would like to share a Q&A forum concerning warped nails in babies.

Upon viewing this, it appears that as the baby grows, the nails become healthier. However there appeared to be some rugged regions which was examined by a dermatologist. A cream treatment was applied, but didn’t have much effect.

Symptoms seem to vary upon each individual, and appears to require a diagnosis from a medical professional.