Ungual atrophy

Ungual atrophy is caused by the incomplete development of nails. In other words, a nail which hasn’t grown properly.

As the condition becomes worse, the nail loses smoothness, becomes small and may detach itself from the finger.

What are the causes of Ungual atrophy !?

Causes include unbalanced nutrition and genetics. Lack of nutrition can be prevented by an evaluation of your diet. By having 3 meals a day with the proper nutrition, the symptoms should recede.

If you feel unconfident with your food habits, it could be effective to seek help from a nutritionist.

Not only food, but an evaluation of your lifestyle may also help attenuate the disease, such sleeping habits and exercise. We should keep an eye on both diet and habits in our lifestyle
If the cause is genetic, changes in diet or lifestyle won’t have much of an effect. In such a case, you would need to visit a medical specialist.

Caring for the shape of the nail, but…

When cutting the nail, please use an emery board to file the nail down to shape. Avoid using strong solvents and soaps.

For ungual atrophy, it is difficult for non-professionals to deal with the condition, especially when the nails have grown small and can fall off at any time.

For these reasons, if you feel “oh? This is strange..” please visit a medical specialist.