There are a variety of symptoms concerning nail diseases.

Even with similar symptoms, there are cases that it isn’t the same disease. Nail diseases have very similar symptoms.

Therefore, using the same treatment to a condition because similar symptoms have happened before is wrong. Have a medical professional examine it.

Abnormalities of the nail 画像 Disease
Skin at the root of the nail hanging off. Hang-nail Hang-nail
The centre of the nail forming a dent and creating a spoon shape. Spoon nails Spoon nails
The nail becoming white, thin and growing inwards. Eggshell nails Eggshell nails
Excess biting causing the nail to deform. Nail-biting syndrome Nail-biting syndrome
The centre of the nail enlarging. Megalonychia Megalonychia
Blood accumulating below the nail due injury and external damage. Subungual bleeding
Bacterial infection entering from a wound and causing reddening and inflammation. Paronychia
The nail becoming yellow or whitish in colour and detaching from the floorplate Onycholysis
A vertical crack appearing in the nail, causing the nail to split. Onychorrhexis
The nail becomes weakened, the colour of the nail darkens and eventually
falls off.
Ungual atrophy
White spots appearing on the surface of the nail. Caused by damage of air
bubbles in newly growing nails.
Many white atypical lumps forming on the nail. Very infectious and requires
Athlete’s foot/trichophytosis
The surface of the nail becoming thick and forming a hook like shape at
the end.
Overgrowth of cuticles and covering the surface of the nail. Pterygium
Occurs when the nail is long and digs into neighbouring skins and causes
prolonged ingrowth. Seen commonly when wearing shoes of the wrong size.
Ingrown toenail