Nails with too much polish

This is a very rare symptom. If the nails appear to have too much polish regardless of not being cared for too much, there is a possibility of having excess activity at the thyroid.

Nails which are too red

Nails appearing too red can be caused by overproduction of haemaglobin. Commonly seen in individuals who are overweight, and should be cautious if a patient has cerebral hemorrage or heart disease.

Pink nails with a shade of purple

For such nails, there could be a abnormality of the environment surrounding the veins.

Red nails close to a purple colour

This cannot be explained simply, however there is a possibility that it is a symptom of cyanosis. Cyanosis occurs under the lack of oxygen circulating in the blood stream.

Blood points forming on the floorplate

A symptom seen in endocarditis.