Black colour change of the nail

Haematomas is a strong cause for causing a black colour change of the nails.

Applying too much pressure on the nails may cause some bleeding behind the nail. The blood will appear black after a while. This is commonly seen in people who enjoy running which places a burden in the feet.

This condition also occurs when people wear shoes of the wrong size for a long time. The pressure applied on the feet initiates similar conditions. The blackened nails tend to fall off and regrow over time.

Black dots on the nail floorplate

When black dots appear on the floorplate, there is a possibility of malignant melanoma.

All 10 fingers becoming black coloured

  • There can be a abnormality in the hormones which create pigments
    A strong possibility that it is Addison’s disease or a problem wih the adrenal cortex.
  • Possibly hepatic porphyria, a disease which causes the blood to have excess iron.
  • Black fingers are also seen in people who drink a large portion of iron rich wine. In such a situation, it is not a disease.
  • Working with dense metals for a prolonged period of time can also cause blackening.

1 finger becoming black coloured

If 1 or 2 nails are changing colours, even though it hasn’t suffered any external injuries, there is a chance that it’s caused by internal diseases of the body. It’s recommended for it to get examined at a hospital.

Moles below the nail

If a mole appears below the nail, and grows alongside the nail to form a dark line, please have a medical professional examine it.

Dark nails

A symptom seen when there are abnormalities in the blood, causing congestion in the brain.

Horizontal or vertical black lines (2.3mm width) forming on the nail

This could be Addison’s disease. However, the majority of cases with these symptoms are caused by hypoadrenalism.

Brown or black spots

This is seen in people with chronic constipation. Otherwise, this is seen in individuals of low health and high sensitivity.